moment 04 || thinking of spring

 A moment meditating on another season. On the other hand, when I first sketched this out in pencil I felt as if bodily I moved into a sense of slumber—the time chimed after eleven at night, so of course the mind will wander into slight realms of fancy.

A far contrast from this morning when the layers of ink were applied—the stereo blared latin jazz: Eddie Palmieri to be exact, his album El Rmbero del Piano. Something caffeinated to force a sense of rhythm in my hand—keeping the pen strokes even when creating textures. In fact, the music helped motivate the theme of one's self merging with the background landscape of grass, merging with the inner shadows of the crease of the book—a concept illustrating a transformation of energy: spiritual and creative.

Pens: Micron 005, 01, 02, BR


  1. it is really nice to have met your blogs .
    i liked the way you write . and your illustrations .
    see you David .

  2. Appreciate your words Caio. Your material provokes much thought and discussion.


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