moment 02 || thinking of magritte

—in a manner of speaking that is. I always admired René Magritte's intentions behind the infamous painting: "Ceci n'est pas une pomme"— Google the keywords "magritte, apple" and various versions of this painting will appear.  The main theme of the piece is reality versus image. That is, a painting is a replication of reality, an illusion of reality—but the painting of an apple is not a physical apple; nor is the photograph of an apple in reality a true apple, it is a representation of the specific fruit itself.

My recent drawing "image || reality" is a brief nod to the painter's original discussion of "what is realty?"  In this case what we have is a representation of a real apple next to the obvious representation of an apple in a book represented on a web log. Circles within cirles within circles.

I used my standard Micron pens, utilizing a new journal I purchased last year, but never opened until recently. The book is a Moleskine product, a slender 5" x 8" variety. The paper responds well to both ink and graphite. I can see why the company has been around for a number of years. Supposedly Van Gogh and Picasso themselves owned these type of sketchbooks for their quick experiments. 

—and yes, I do have a notebook fetish. I collect blank books and horde them in my supply closet for months on end until the need for a fresh perspective. In an odd manner, each sketchbook produces a different mode of drawing, creates a different mood and thought process for my hands. Due to the horizontal layout of the pages for the Moleskine, I hope to shift my 'boxed' portrait style to a wider landscape approach, allowing for a cinematic detailing. 


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