Points of departure

A new article was posted by the Van Gogh museum regarding The Bedroom. The author, Fleur Roos Rosa de Carvalho, offers more details about Vincent Van Gogh's intentions with the work, showing examples from his letters and sketches from 1888:  Points of departure.

I greatly admire this ink sketch. Small hints of the artist's personality exist within the domestic scene: his hat and jacket resting beside the bed in the background, two paintings on the far wall leaning forward, the table set for a still-life. All of these elements alter or are removed from the final painted version—here they offer a strong sense of stability, cohesion for the full room.

One can easily step into the sketch, become a part of the whole image.

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  1. It really is brilliant, isn't it. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Yes! I'm glad I stumbled on the project. It is so easy to identify with Van Gogh's artwork, and his drive to produce.

  3. Hey David-Glen,
    I was so lucky to stumble into London when the Van Gogh exhibit was going on. They were showing his letters, paintings, and drawings. I was blown away with emotion at these drawings. Some as little as a 2 inch square, meticulously drawn inside a letter to Theo. Oh! my heart burns from just the memory.

  4. Leanne: Yes, I agree with you. The one I saw at the Musee d'Orsay shows the smokey blue background, his blue shirt, and his stern fiery expression as the main focus.

    I have not seen the letters in person—maybe one day.


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