moment 03 || my life as a book: self portrait

A continuation of my book theme. While building the initial pencil sketch last night, a cold front moved across Houston. Darker clouds rose up across my neighbors' houses and slowly covered our own lawn. In a manner of speaking, this influenced the intial concept, but with a contrasting notion: showing myself outside in early autumn months, meditating on cloudscapes.

Inking in the pages always presents a fun challenge. I want the picture to capture a sense of the bulk of the paper, just like the older hand-stitched volumes found in the rare antique book shops. With this in mind, I purposely did not link up the bottom lines with the left and right hand sides of the book. This offers a highlight across the corners—and enables heavier, textured lines.

Pens: Micron 005, 01, 02, 03, BR


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