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Since 2005 I made a conscious effort to sketch an idea out on paper at least once a week, barring any interruptions from family, relocation, school lectures, hurricane winds, and personal reading assignments. Understandably, consequences and circumstances play into the equation in more ways than I care to admit.

Since 2010 however, I re-committed myself to the idea—specially after last year's non-productive period of only five images—and the realization in order to keep my sanity, sketching and writing act as cornerstones of relaxing and de-stressful energies.

This latest image shows a new exploration of elements appearing in my journal: drawings of books. Not the average paperback mind you, rather the heavy, dusty, leather-bound tome which is vanishing from the concepts of our culture. As these become more rare in society I am more apt to use them as icons or symbols to express what is shifting in our (sub)conscious thoughts.

Dream logic will always appear in my work, from small doodles to larger full-scale projects; this is my style: utilizing the psychological notions from the everyday, waking experience.

The next step: increase the production. Advance the chain of pages. Explore the possibilities and various potentials. Motion forward


  1. I look forward to future posts. I have considered starting a blog for my poetry and short stories (more like stupid random thoughts). If I can make the time I might just do it. Thank you for following me.

  2. Thanks for the comment. I only wish I had enough time to do a daily drawing like yourself!


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