moment 10 || self as book

Another self portrait-sketch, another book. In this case, the image follows my damaged sketch book: broken spine, missing folios of pages, the glue-binding cracking. The book becomes a symbol of my personal drawing process—

The theme approaches the notion of identity, the realization of the creative potential; the flower represents the Ideal, the self portrait showing a sense of Actuality, of Reality viewing the Ideal.

I love considering such abstractions of meaning in art and poetry. It only makes sense: the process of discovering another artist’s intentions helps me gather stronger insights into my own work and offers new concepts to emulate.
Pens: Micron 005, 01, 03; Faber-Castell BR


  1. Hi,I love all your sketches,especially the one about sleep,thats my favorite. I love to sketch too,I don't usually post them,maybe I should. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such an uplifting comment,sometimes we need them!


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