moment 08 || falling into sleep

The actual sensation of falling into sleep puzzles me; the fact we willingly suspend conscious thought, that we are required to slow down the body’s functions in order to remain healthy and active in the waking-world, on the surface, this specification seems impractical. The last few nights in fact I have attempted to capture the exact moment when the mind lies in a midpoint: half in a state of awareness, half in the dream-world—all in order so I can later capture it in more creative terms. Perhaps in the end, recording this exact moment is an exercise in futility.

Of course it can only be accurately described in creative terms; the sensation is the same as pulling on a heavy, long, winter coat; one slips the body into layers of clothing just as slipping into warm waters: one arm, then a shoulder, then the other arm, wrapping up the body into another definition of self.

This all started after discovering an artist’s web log from Denmark: Ea Ejersbo. Others may find this obvious, but I never thought to treat my sketchbook from the standpoint that the double page spread is one sheet for drawing; I always maintained the individual sheets with the perimeters defined by the book’s gutter. If you look at her Flickr portfolio, she uses this technique frequently, with advantageous results.

 The illustration posted this week follows the same logic and shows the concept of falling into sleep. That partial limbo when the mind shifts into a new definition. A new territory.

Pens: Micron 005, 01, 02, BR; Faber-Castell BR


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