A Casting of Stones

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Friday, February 26, 2010

moment 05 || choice A or choice B

A. Horizontal

When I first sketched out this illustration I intended the view to be orientated as an 'ironic' horizontal view, to emphasize the broken binding in the book. After scanning it, and a moment of reflection, I now wonder if it should be presented like this instead:

B. Vertical

—so the vertical slant of the figure gains focus rather than the book itself...

Pens: Micron 005, 01, 02, BR

Sunday, February 21, 2010

moment 04 || thinking of spring

 A moment meditating on another season. On the other hand, when I first sketched this out in pencil I felt as if bodily I moved into a sense of slumber—the time chimed after eleven at night, so of course the mind will wander into slight realms of fancy.

A far contrast from this morning when the layers of ink were applied—the stereo blared latin jazz: Eddie Palmieri to be exact, his album El Rmbero del Piano. Something caffeinated to force a sense of rhythm in my hand—keeping the pen strokes even when creating textures. In fact, the music helped motivate the theme of one's self merging with the background landscape of grass, merging with the inner shadows of the crease of the book—a concept illustrating a transformation of energy: spiritual and creative.

Pens: Micron 005, 01, 02, BR

Friday, February 12, 2010

moment 03 || my life as a book: self portrait

A continuation of my book theme. While building the initial pencil sketch last night, a cold front moved across Houston. Darker clouds rose up across my neighbors' houses and slowly covered our own lawn. In a manner of speaking, this influenced the intial concept, but with a contrasting notion: showing myself outside in early autumn months, meditating on cloudscapes.

Inking in the pages always presents a fun challenge. I want the picture to capture a sense of the bulk of the paper, just like the older hand-stitched volumes found in the rare antique book shops. With this in mind, I purposely did not link up the bottom lines with the left and right hand sides of the book. This offers a highlight across the corners—and enables heavier, textured lines.

Pens: Micron 005, 01, 02, 03, BR

Saturday, February 6, 2010

moment 02 || thinking of magritte

—in a manner of speaking that is. I always admired RenĂ© Magritte's intentions behind the infamous painting: "Ceci n'est pas une pomme"— Google the keywords "magritte, apple" and various versions of this painting will appear.  The main theme of the piece is reality versus image. That is, a painting is a replication of reality, an illusion of reality—but the painting of an apple is not a physical apple; nor is the photograph of an apple in reality a true apple, it is a representation of the specific fruit itself.

My recent drawing "image || reality" is a brief nod to the painter's original discussion of "what is realty?"  In this case what we have is a representation of a real apple next to the obvious representation of an apple in a book represented on a web log. Circles within cirles within circles.

I used my standard Micron pens, utilizing a new journal I purchased last year, but never opened until recently. The book is a Moleskine product, a slender 5" x 8" variety. The paper responds well to both ink and graphite. I can see why the company has been around for a number of years. Supposedly Van Gogh and Picasso themselves owned these type of sketchbooks for their quick experiments. 

—and yes, I do have a notebook fetish. I collect blank books and horde them in my supply closet for months on end until the need for a fresh perspective. In an odd manner, each sketchbook produces a different mode of drawing, creates a different mood and thought process for my hands. Due to the horizontal layout of the pages for the Moleskine, I hope to shift my 'boxed' portrait style to a wider landscape approach, allowing for a cinematic detailing. 

Monday, February 1, 2010

moment 01 || thinking out loud

Since 2005 I made a conscious effort to sketch an idea out on paper at least once a week, barring any interruptions from family, relocation, school lectures, hurricane winds, and personal reading assignments. Understandably, consequences and circumstances play into the equation in more ways than I care to admit.

Since 2010 however, I re-committed myself to the idea—specially after last year's non-productive period of only five images—and the realization in order to keep my sanity, sketching and writing act as cornerstones of relaxing and de-stressful energies.

This latest image shows a new exploration of elements appearing in my journal: drawings of books. Not the average paperback mind you, rather the heavy, dusty, leather-bound tome which is vanishing from the concepts of our culture. As these become more rare in society I am more apt to use them as icons or symbols to express what is shifting in our (sub)conscious thoughts.

Dream logic will always appear in my work, from small doodles to larger full-scale projects; this is my style: utilizing the psychological notions from the everyday, waking experience.

The next step: increase the production. Advance the chain of pages. Explore the possibilities and various potentials. Motion forward